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Almost Married Movie Review

Movie review of Almost Married starring Phillip McGinley and Emily Atack

Director: Ben Cookson

First Release Date: 28th March 2014 (UK)

Running Time: 97 minutes 

Starring: Philip McGinley, Emily Atack, Bill Fellows, Mark Stobbart, Lynne Wilmot

"Almost Married" is a British comedy written and directed by Ben Cookson who spent three years on the film.  The comedy in the movie is very sex orientated and the film can be described as a grown up "The Inbetweeners Movie" (2011) meets a British "The Hangover" (2009) movie. This film has the ground work to be a real surprise but ultimately falls short only providing some comedy in awkward sex related dialogue. 

Kyle (Philip McGinley) is soon to be married with his fiance Lydia (Emily Atack).  However, after a wild stag-do  with his best friend Jarvis (Mark Stobbart), it becomes apparent that he has contracted a sexually transmitted disease. Adamant that he was unfaithful, Kyle has to do what he can to try and avoid being intimate with his fiance for three months; which includes his wedding night without letting on about his secret. 

The story for the film is typical of a comedy of this nature.  It is set up in a very familiar way and plays it safe in doing so.  A few flashes of nudity and 'banter' between the two main characters provide the comedy moments in the film and much of this is gritty.  Throughout there is a shady feel to the film from the over-the-top and unnecessary sexual puns, references and innuendos. The story of the film is nearly executed very well.  It has the base story line for a for a decent comedy film - however, it is unable to achieve this and stumbles in trying to do so. 

Movie review of Almost Married.

Overall the cast give okay performances.  The best parts of the film is when the majority of the characters come together for group scenes. The parents of both of the characters provide a different source of comedy which is more relateable to most of the audience compared to the failed humour that bounces around the main three characters. The introduction to the older characters bring stability to the film and storyline and it is unfortunate they did not feature more.  Kyle and Lydia's fathers, played by Smug Roberts and Bill Fellows respectively, give the best performances out of those involved despite there short screen time.

"Almost Married" gets caught in using the cheap comedy that its topic revolves around. It relies heavily on this content to provide the funnier moments of the film rather than the character interactions and dialect.  Despite this, there are parts of the film that will have you laughing and the film is able to keep some plot twists from becoming obvious.  If you are a fan of "The Inbetweeners" then this comedy is definitely one for you with similar humour.  No real attachment can be made from the audience to the film and throughout the majority of the movie you will question many aspects; as it does not feel quite right. The comedy being used, does not match up with the characters.  It gives the film more of a sense of immaturity.  Sure, some scenes will make you laugh, but it will be short lived and at the end you will feel rather unsatisfied. 

M+F Rating: 4/10

Reviewed by M+F Reviews.

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