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Delivery Man Movie Review

Movie review of Delivery Man starring Vince Vaughan directed by Ken Scott

Director: Ken Scott

UK Release Date:10th January 2014

Running Time: 105 minutes 

Starring: Vince Vaughan, Cobie Smulders, Chris Pratt

"Delivery Man" is a movie billed as a comedy that doesn't turn out to be that funny. However, it is far from a bad film. Based on a Canadian French film called "Starbuck" (2011), Delivery Man stars Vince Vaughan in the title role, backed up by Chris Pratt and Cobie Smulders. 

David also known as "Starbuck" (2011) is a delivery man for his family run meat business. He is lazy, untrustworthy and a liability.  While trying to sort his life out he finds out that he is the father to over 500 children through a mistake that was made at the fertility clinic he provided for in his early twenties. He faces the task of remaining anonymous while his biological children hunt to find out who their real father is. 

The storyline for the film already sounds quite 'out-there' and maybe that's why the film abandons some of the usual 'in your face' comedy. The lack of comedy is by no means a complaint. It enables the film to move forward on another more emotional front. By allowing this the movie feels more realistic and more raw emotions can be seen which are generally lost in a usual comedy. 

Delivery Man movie review, trailer, rating and photos

Vaughan plays a slightly different character than what we see normally. This again is linked in with the lack of comedy provided in "Delivery Man". He is more serious and provides an easy to watch pleasant performance. Pratt and Smulders are unable to add much to the film which is unfortunate especially due to the latters performance in television hit "How I Met Your Mother (2005 - Current).  The problem faced for both is lack of quality screen time. The film is based around Vaughan's character and with 500+ children, screen time is limited. 

"Delivery Man" does lack a certain quality to push it to the next level.  With a lack of comedy it does not push through the serious aspect enough and the emotional connection with the audience is then limited.  This is unfortunate - the film remains at the same pace throughout and does not take advantage of the opportunity it has.  It is a good film but does not push areas of the film enough so it feels flat. 

"Delivery Man" is a surprising film.  It is not what you come to expect from a Vince Vaughan film and typically is better.  It is easy to follow and is a film that will make you feel good by the end. However, you will feel a bit disappointed as the movie does not excel really in anyway.  The storyline is different to other films however if you have seen "Starbuck" then apparently you will be in for a film that you have seen before. Other critics have displayed concerns over the movie following the exact same storyline scene for scene. Despite this, you will enjoy the film for what it is even though it will never be a huge blockbuster.

M+F Rating: 6/10

Reviewed by M+F Reviews.

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