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Don Jon Movie Review

Don Jon Movie Review

Director: Joseph Gordon-Levitt

UK Release Date: 15th November 2013

Running Time: 90 minutes

Starring: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Scarlett Johansson, Julianne Moore

Joseph Gordon-Levitt's first directorial debut brings us "Don Jon" - a film billed as a rom-com.  However, it is not the typical film you would find in this genre and was a big risk for the "Inception" (2010) and "The Dark Knight Rises" (2012) star. Does the risk pay off?  The film was certainly different and fresh from others but it is not a movie that stands out as a must watch.

Jon Martello (Gordon-Levitt) is enjoying life; he loves partying, he loves his car, he loves meeting women but above all he loves pornography, claiming to watch it every day. This love infringes upon his relationships with women including Barbara Sugarman (Johansson) who he trails for a long time in search for love.  He also meets Esther (Moore) who he shares a connection with but can any female accept his love for pornography as part of the person he is?

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"Don Jon" is filmed in a unique way.  With many repeated scenes throughout with slight differences which is where a lot of the comedy comes from.  The  life of Jon Martello is the same day in day out verging on the edge of OCD.  The sheer extent to what he will do to get his 'fix' (of pornography) is portrayed very well and in a way that it can be watched easily by the audience.  Obviously the topic is still quite taboo to talk about in public and the film respects that to some extent. The film does not follow the usual romantic comedy plot line and this is something that is a positive for the film but come the end of the movie it does fall flat. It is predictable to watch and  you know what is going to happen yet it is not as clear cut as the usual films within this genre. 

The performances in the film are good but not amazing.  All three of the main actors, Gordon-Levitt, Johansson and Moore all provide easy and enjoyable viewing with not one standing out above the rest.  Moore and Johansson link up well with Gordon-Levitt who despite a dodgy awkward accent gives a solid performance in the lead role.  It is also a good directorial debut for Gordon-Levitt and his hitRECord production company.

Overall, "Don Jon" is a good film but does lack the final quality and edge to make it an excellent film. It is fun in places and the way it has been directed and put together is original - showing the raw talent of Gordon-Levitt.  It is a better than average movie and it is not one that you will want to watch with your parents. An entertaining movie with a good cast and interesting yet different storyline.

M+F Rating: 6/10

Reviewed by M+F Reviews.

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